Why Choose HydraForm?

Active sportswear driven by our patent-pending technology.

We’ve Reimagined Performance Wear

Aesthetics are important, but beating yesterday’s version of you is what really counts.

At HydraForm we are on a mission to make sportswear that supports your athletic goals. We are on the infinite pursuit of developing products that support your goals throughout the training cycle.

Our 2022 release marks a step forward with the launch of our women’s product range and accessories to keep you functioning year-round.

Developed in collaboration with the following institutions

Aston University
Birmingham City University

Comfort & Recovery

The leggings are brilliant! I have used them for warming up in before running and cycling in them. They are very comfortable and have the added benefit of hot and cold patches to target specific muscle groups.

Andy Gore / Runner

Tech Plus Style

Finally some leggings that combine technology with style.

The heating/cooling pads are perfect to cut down my preparation and recovery times. Highly recommend!

Marius Lux / Cyclist


The Leggings of all Leggings! Not just for athletes but for beginners as well. I suffer from years of knee pain and the hot and cold pads really aid in my recovery process. Super easy and convenient to use. Very comfy to wear as well!

George Yeadon / All Rounder