Aston University
Birmingham City University

In Pursuit of Better

Our brand name was inspired by the Greek and Roman mythological serpent monster with numerous heads known as the ‘Hydra’.

Every time the Hydra’s head was cut off, two would grow back, this is the relentless search for progress we have as athletes despite the inevitable setbacks we encounter.

Crafted with technology

Years of research, designs, and prototypes have gone into the development of the HydraForm leggings.

Our University research partners have provided ample support in developing our patent-pending thermal application technology. Preparation and recovery, in our opinion, are greatly overlooked when considering an athlete’s training cycle.

It is our belief that sportswear should transcend aesthetics.

Product Launch

After hundreds of hours of athlete testing, feedback, and iteration, the final product was created.

Athletes from multiple disciplines ranging from obstacle races to triathletes have adopted the HydraForm product to provide an edge over the competition. 


Be part of our journey.

We welcome you to join us on our mission to engineer products that help you perform. Our tagline is ‘Dictate Your Outcome’, a motto that has inspired us to keep asking more from the products we produce.